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     LUANNAN county FADA shovel Making Co., Ltd was founded in 1994, the factory is located in Tangshan City, Hebei Province, Luannan County, three kilometers southeast of the county, located in Tanggang Expressway Luannan export annex, east of the North Dagang "Beijing Tang Hong Kong forty kilometers, west of Tianjin Xingang hundred and twenty kilometers through the Tang Hong Kong Expressway and Beijing-Shenyang, Tangjin Expressway phase, land and sea transport convenient.
    My company leading products for the "Tang Long" brand series of special-shaped steel shovel, other products are steel fork, steel picks, hoes, etc., a total of more than 200 varieties, the annual production capacity of three million. Export products are exported to East Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Western Europe, North America, Australia and other regions, product quality praised by domestic and foreign customers.
    Our company specializes in the development of various farm molds, for many agricultural export manufacturers to develop new products, advanced production equipment, sophisticated detection equipment, is a production, research and development as one of the emerging enterprises.
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