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The difference between shovel and shovel

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Spades and shovels are tools for digging and shoveling things, which are collectively referred to as shovels in our daily life. But in fact, their shapes are slightly different:

Spade (pronunciation: Qi) ā o) It is generally made of steel (iron carbon alloy with carbon content less than 2%). The handle of a spade has a short turn, which is obviously different from a spade.

Shovel (pronunciation: Xi) ā n) The name of the farm tool is like a spade and wider than a spade. There is no short crutch at the handle end. The shovel is made of steel and pig iron (iron carbon alloy with carbon content greater than 2%). The shovel made of pig iron (very common in rural China in the 1980s) has high hardness, but it is very brittle. It will break after small deformation.

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