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Maintenance of stainless steel spade materials

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During the transportation and survival of stainless steel plate, its use principle should be observed. Steel plates must be boxed for transportation, and care must be taken when unpacking. It is strictly prohibited to refuse to move one steel plate wrongly against another steel plate during operation. The steel plate is generally stored vertically and horizontally, and the steel plate is placed on a stable shelf. In order to prevent the contact and friction between the steel plate and the steel plate, clean plywood shall be placed between the steel plates as a partition.

In the process of use, it can prevent oil freckle pollution, reduce dust, sundries and vacuum suction cup machine imprint (such as using vacuum suction cup plate) and eliminate oil freckle imprint. It can be wiped with detergent or clean towel. In order to prevent scratches and pollution during installation, the appearance of stainless steel shall be protected by protective film and removed after installation. In order to prevent mutual nuisance among various types of work on the construction site, necessary protective measures should be taken for the installed stainless steel plate surface. For example, the parts prone to collision should be covered with plywood. Otherwise, if it is collided, it will collapse, leave scars and hinder the surface. The part with large flow of people. In order to prevent the construction personnel from moving and lifting objects from collision, maintenance railings can also be added to avoid approaching.

Stainless steel has high resistance to corrosion, but it is not absolutely free from corrosion. Therefore, stainless steel trim shall not touch salt substances and other rust and corrosion substances to avoid corrosion and rust.

To deal with the appearance of all stainless steel ornaments, we should always keep them in stock, especially the parts that people often touch with their hands. We should wipe them frequently, otherwise it is easy to accumulate dust or local contamination. If the stainless steel building decoration materials are well maintained, the surface is bright and dazzling. Not only the decoration compliance is guaranteed, but also its durability can be strengthened to achieve satisfactory utilization effect.

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